Club Officers

Each Kiwanis club is governed by annually elected officers, a Board of Directors serving two years and Committee Chairs for Service Projects, Fundraisers and Allocations.

2017-18 Officers and Board of Directors (installed Oct. 16, 2017)
Sally Schaadt, President
Lisa Matula, President Elect
Terry VanOfferent, Vice President
Don Lewis, Immediate Past President

Tom Esh, Treasurer, Charlene Lossing, Secretary

Board of Directors: Brian Gottfried, Val Matula, Laura Meng, Mark Mykulyn, Ken Paumier, Barb Pollack, Craig Washka

James Minter, Lt. Gov. Division 10-E, Ohio District Kiwanis (from Westerville Kiwanis CLub)

 Officer Name


Term Expiration 

 Don Lewis

 Immed. Past President  9/30/2016

 Sally Schaadt



Lisa Matula



Terry VanOfferen



 Charlene Lossing



 Tom Esh




 Board Member Name and Term
 Barb Pollack - Y2
Val Matula - Y1
Mark Mykulyn - Y2
Brian Gottfried- Y1  
  Vince Paumier - Y1
Craig Washka - Y2 
  Terry VanOfferen - Y1


Ohio District Division 10-E Lieutenant Governors Walt Chaney (1995-6), Leonard Hubert (2008-9), Jerry Miller (2014-15) and Jennifer Lewis (2015-6).

Ohio District Administrator of K-Kids, Jennifer Lewis, (2017-present).

Kiwanis International President JimRochford, Ohio District Governor DanLitzinger, Governor-elect FaithLevine, Ohio Trustee JohnDevilbiss


The 2016-17 Officers and Board of Directors were installed on October 3, 2016 at the Granville Inn by Lt. Gov. Jim Janosik.

Don Lewis President 2016-17, Sally Schaadt President-elect, Lisa Matula Vice President, Charlene Lossing Secretary and Tom Esh Treasurer, Dave Thomas Immediate Past President; Board of Directors: Mike Birkmeyer, Brian Gottfried, Val Matula, Thom McKee, Vince Paumier, Diane Preston, Terry VanOfferen.


2015-2016 Officers and Board of Directors (present at Oct. 5, 2015 installation)
Front Row: Tom Esh, treasurer, Jennifer Lewis, Lt. Gov, Mike Birkmeyer, member of Board of Directors, Charlene Lossing, Secretary, Tom Harvey, Immediate Past President
Back Row: Don Lewis, President Elect, Terry VanOfferen, member of Board of Directors, Dave Thomas, President

2014-15 Lt. Governor of Division 10E - Jerry Miller at Ohio District Kiwanis Governor Diana Keplinger's Official Visit with !0E/W/S

2016-17 Preident Dave Thomas


Standing Committees and Chairs

Agriculture and Conservation (serving 4H, Licking Co. Soil & Water Conserv., OSU Extension, river and road clean up, youth training and internships), Chair Bill Brady 

Young Children Priority One (serving children under 5 years old, including New Beginnings, Baby Pantry, Help Me Grow Program, Food pantry), Chair Ben Spencer and Charlene Lossing

Youth Services (serving children over age 5, including GRD, Little League, Y.E.S Club, Look Up Center, Hugh O'Brien Leadership Program (HOBY), JDRF), Chair Jerry Miller

Publicity and Business Affairs, Chairs Drew Bennett and Jennifer Lewis

Scholarship (competitive awards to Granville High School and C-TEC), Chair Lindsay Moore

Spiritual Aims (serving Salvation Army, Food Pantry Network of Licking Co., Market Street Pantry, Vacation Bible School, Healing Arts Mission, Mental Health America, Doctor's Without Borders, Action Ohio), Chair Jennifer Lewis

Tent, Tables, Chairs and Stage Rental, Chair Dave Thomas

Membership, Chair DIane Preston

Key Clubs, K-Kids, Builder's Club, Aktion Club, Boy Scout Troop #65 and Cub Scout Pack 3, Sally Schaadt/Cindy Shaffer,; Jennifer Lewis/Jess Wilson; Jill Esh/Mist Postle; Jennifer Lewis/David McManus; Tom Esh

Fourth of July Fundraiser, Chair Mike Birkmeyer

Basketball Ticket Taking, Chair Jerry Miller

Christmas Tree Sales, not currently active

Maple Syrup Project, Chair Don Lewis

Maple Grove Project, Chairs Don Lewis, Bill Brady, Mike Flood

Maple Leaf 5K and 10K, Chairs Alice Lewis and Jennifer Lewis

Roadside Trash Pickup, Chair Kevin Hampton

Pancake Day, Chair Butch Curtis

Parade, Co-Chair Dave Thomas

Granville's Got Talent, Co-Chairs Barb Pollack and Jen Lewis


2013-2014 Officers and Board of Directors